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We Build Traditional Homes Near You

Traditional homes are an amalgamation of various historical styles, with architectural elements blended to create a cohesive design that is composed, methodical, and conventional. Since the traditional style is a composite style, it’s easy to customize a design that captures your aesthetic. 

Traditional home design is defined by comforting styles and timeless features such as dark woods, crown molding, and wood paneling. Rooms are symmetrical and the floorplans focus on casual living, with every room flowing into the next. It’s all about function and ease. 

As you design your new traditional custom home, you can include columns, gabled windows, coffered ceilings, covered porches, and formal living or dining rooms. The two unmistakable characteristics of traditional homes—functionality and simplicity—are communicated through symmetry and synchronicity throughout the home’s features. The interior design of many traditional homes is inspired by European décor of the 18th and 19th centuries. This timeless style is elegant and classic with understated opulence.  

Choosing to work with a reputable traditional custom home builder ensures that your new property will combine the classic features of a traditional style in a beautiful, cohesive way while being safe and functional. But just because you prefer a traditional home-style, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the style unique. Highland Custom Homes specializes in building traditional custom homes in collaboration with a homeowner to execute their vision.

Our homeowners create a home design by working hand-in-hand with our Utah custom home builders, architects, and designers. 

Together, we blend traditional design with updated features to create a one-of-a-kind home that embodies your personal style.

As an award-winning custom home builder in Utah, we understand how to bring historical architectural elements into your traditional home design. This custom home style fits perfectly into any neighborhood, whether it is an established neighborhood in Alpine, Utah, or a rural lot in Heber. We focus on capturing that traditional spirit with classic home design features like formal living and dining rooms and other historically favored aspects like fireplaces and covered front porches.

With Highland Custom Homes, the sky is truly your limit. We believe that your home should be an extension of your life’s work and the legacy of who you are. That is why we developed a traditional custom home-building process to make your home-building experience as enjoyable as possible. Our team will provide you with an endless number of options, guiding you through every design and build step so that you can create the ultimate dream home.

Let Highland put our experience and knowledge in traditional home architecture and design to work. Our Utah home building team specializes in providing exceptional building experiences. Our award-winning custom homes exemplify the impeccable quality and appeal that illustrates the Highland Difference when you see it. If you choose to work with us, our team will commit to building the traditional home of your dreams from the foundation down to the final coat of paint. This is because we want you to love your new home as much as you loved the experience of building it. Contact our traditional custom home builder today to learn more about our Utah home building services.

A Traditional Home Builder in Park City, Alpine, Highland, Draper and Surrounding Areas

Your traditional home doesn’t have to fit a cookie-cutter standard. With Highland Custom Homes on your side, you can create your dream custom home—no matter what that includes. Every homeowner has different needs. Our team has the experience and skill needed to meet your specific and unique standards.

Highland’s unique customization process packages all the knowledge we’ve gained over years of working in Utah’s home-building industry into an easy-to-follow design system. This process, along with our expert insights, will provide you with every tool you need to design a home of any size, look, or feel.

Traditional Home Gallery

Do you want your home cozy and functional with a modern touch or a classic two-story home? Whatever you envision, our custom modern home builder has you covered. We can combine several home styles until we capture a design that feels like you through-and-through.  

Our architects and in-house designers will work together to blend all your preferred home design styles into a cohesive, traditional custom home. For example, suppose you want a traditional custom-built home but also love modern and contemporary design. In that case, our team will find a layout that brings elements of each style into one unified design.

Since traditional design is your preferred home design, we will let that style rule our home-building choices. Then, we will subtly blend other styles into the traditionally focused design to capture a unique yet sensible design. It may seem like a risk, but it is a challenge our Utah home builders will give you the tools and experience to navigate. Working together, we will elevate the traditional design of your home to bring your vision to life.  

Elements of Custom Traditional Homebuilding

The traditional custom home includes a broad range of home-building styles, each with its own distinct features. By definition, any home design influenced by historic architecture is considered a traditional home. Some traditional custom home builders draw inspiration from various architectural eras, including Victorian, Neoclassical Colonial, or Craftsman.

Homeowners who typically build homes in the traditional style usually enjoy design features rich with historical elements, like antiques, classical art, and symmetry. Traditional home builders often include design components that work harmoniously to create a friendly charm. The result? A welcoming home that provides guests with that “at-home” feeling every time they walk through the door.

If you are interested in building a traditional home, here are a few staples you might include:

Architectural details borrowed from various historical stylesBrick, wood, plaster, stucco, and stone building materials | Large, open porchesOverhead beams and rafters | DormersFormal living and dining rooms | Elegant finishesTall, pointed roof lines | Closed floor plans with single-purpose roomsSymmetrical window layouts | A blend of straight and curved linesMuted, tone-on-tone, or mid-range color palettes | Understated architectureFireplaces and comfort-driven features | An overall cozy ambianceGlossy white trim and molding | Dark wood flooringBalanced furnishings, lighting fixtures, and textiles | Neatly polished, large kitchens that incorporate heavy or distressed wood

No matter which elements you choose to feature in your traditional custom home, partner with Highland Custom Homes to make your dream home a reality. We deliver a unique customization experience using a hands-on design process. From the first appointment to home building to final touches, you can rely on our Utah custom home builders to perform high-quality work. We commit to your complete satisfaction wholeheartedly, whether you are in the early stages of choosing a lot or looking for a home builder to sign. Trust us to deliver a traditional home that you custom-designed down to the last detail.

The Traditional Home Building Process

At Highland Custom Homes, we deliver a simplified home building process. Whether you are interested in building a traditional custom home or incorporating another design style, our home-buying process is easy. We dedicate our efforts to relieving the usual stress associated with building a custom home. From the initial consultation appointment to the minute we hand over the keys and beyond, you can rely on our traditional custom home builders to guide you through the home building process. This process is so simple that it breaks down into five easy steps.

  1. 1. Meet the Team

Your first meeting with Highland Custom Homes includes an introduction to your entire home building team, which includes home builders, architects, designers, and other innovative experts who are ready to bring your dream home to life. During the initial consultation, we will talk about what you envision for your new home.

  1. 2. Architecture and Design

After your initial consultation, our team will begin creating a custom design. We will work with the architect or designer of your choice to meet your project goals. You will also provide detailed guidance to help us draft blueprints that include all of the amazing features and traditional elements you want in your new home.

  1. 3. Project Bidding and Contract

The traditional custom home builders at Highland Custom Homes commit to creating fair contracts that remain within our initial bid budget. Since the cost of building a custom home depends on your choices, we will stay transparent throughout the entire home building process. We promise to do all that we can to keep you up to date on any additional costs made along the way. There will be no surprises or shocking invoices when we hand over the keys—just a new traditional home for you and your family.

  1. 4. Construction Launch

After completing the design and receiving approval for all related construction documents, construction begins! But you won’t need to worry. With Highland as your traditional custom home builder, we will be there every step of the way to provide timely check-ins, updates, and more.

  1. 5. Move-In

Highland Custom Homes is the Utah home builder you need when the final nail is struck, and the building is complete. We will even run a final walk-through to ensure that everything is perfect. Trust us to make the closing and move-in processes quick and easy so that you can get into your new home ASAP!

Best in Utah Services

Unlike other Utah homebuilders, Highland Custom Homes offers custom home building services that include endless options to transform your design into a home. Together, we can create a traditional home design that matches your lifestyle now and for years to come. Many organizations have recognized our team with numerous industry awards for superior craftsmanship and design. We source high-quality materials and partner with the best in the industry to create traditional custom homes that stand the test of time.

New Traditional Homes in Utah

The Highland Homes Difference

You can depend on our excellent home-building services to deliver a traditional home that exceeds all your expectations. What’s even better? Our custom home building process includes endless options that meet a range of price points to fit any budget. If you are interested in a custom home builder with an eye for detail and custom-quality finishes, call Highland Custom Homes to learn more. We can bring your traditional home design to life.

Traditional Custom Home Gallery

Highland Custom Homes is the traditional custom home builder you need to create the custom home of your dreams.

Our traditional home building services infuse your style with beautiful architectural elements reminiscent of classic eras. Every member of our home building team has decades of experience meeting the needs of Utah homebuyers throughout the state. Thanks to our unique construction process and long-lasting relationships with Utah vendors, clients believe in us as much as we believe in them.

Get a look at the Highland Homes difference by checking our latest projects in the traditional home gallery. These photos detail what makes Highland Custom Homes a trusted Utah home builder, featuring classic Highland Custom Home designs of sleek architecture and quality finishes. From captivating exteriors to balanced floor plans and traditional interior design, Highland Custom Homes creates one-of-a-kind designs that our homeowners are glad to call home.

Build Your Traditional-Style Dream Home with Highland

Building a new home can be overwhelming. That is why Highland Custom Homes commits to delivering an exceptional home building experience. Utah home buyers rely on our uncompromising values, decades of experience, and expert team of custom home builders to create a traditional home design they will love for years to come. Whatever traditional home design you envision, trust our custom home builders to bring it to life. 

Highland also does our part to deliver luxury home building services at fair prices. We specialize in providing exceptional building experiences that render finished products of top-notch quality and never-ending appeal. When you choose to work with Highland Custom Homes, you will have a team of experts ready and equipped to transform any design into the home of your dreams. This is because we commit to building a home you love AND an experience you love, as well.

Let us put our experience and knowledge in traditional architecture and design to the test to create a traditional home design that is more than sticks and bricks. Your traditional custom home will be an extension of your life’s work and a legacy of who you are. While we understand that every homeowner’s needs are different, we are equipped and ready to meet yours. Let’s create a home designed just for you. Contact us to get started today.

Plan Out Each Detail Of Your Traditional Home

When you build custom, you can find yourself in every detail of your new home. You choose the bathroom tiles, created the layout, and helped bring your new home to life. There is something intangible about owning your own custom home. It is a work of art, craftsmanship and a testament to you and your family. That is why it is the ultimate choice when building a new home.

Utah Custom Home White Exterior

Jones Family Home

Located in American Fork, Utah, the Jones family home features a traditional home layout elevated over the Utah Valley. Our team worked closely with Darren and Shellie to design a traditional custom home that would stand out among the many beautiful homes in their growing neighborhood. To date, it remains one of our favorite traditional homes we built.

Custom Home Builder Utah County

The Kvamme’s Forever Home

It isn’t every day that a homebuyer wants to build their forever home. Fortunately, when it came time for Lynn Kvamme to build her family’s new home, she turned to Highland. Working with our Utah custom home builders, Lynn designed a home that highlighted the nearby landscape with large windows facing the Wasatch Mountain Range. This traditional custom home is everything Lynn needed to feel at home now and forever.

Partner with Highland Custom Homes on Your New Traditional Home Build

With over 40 years of combined experience, Highland Custom Homes is able to provide you with the finest home-building services in the industry. Your home is an investment that can last for the rest of your life. At Highland Custom Homes, we are committed to delivering the best possible build-out experience.

The team at Highland Home Custom builds homes that are both stunning and impeccable. We want you to love them both.

Let us create a home that will last a lifetime. Build a new home in Utah that will be the perfect setting to create memories in a stunning environment. 

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