When Melinda and Derrick Deaton came to us with an idea for their new custom home in Alpine, Utah, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. The Deaton family had recently found the perfect property and already had some unique ideas in mind. With these ideas and Melinda’s interior designing on our side, they asked us to tackle the project with them. Then when the idea of entering the build in the 2018 Utah Valley Parade of Homes came up, it was a no-brainer. Watch the video to see what their experience was like building with Highland Custom Homes, a custom home builder in Utah.

What are our favorite features inside the Chateau d’Elegance? Let’s look at each of them.

1. Interior Design Details
As we started work on the Deaton home, Melinda came to us about wanting to do all the interior designing of the home. She had always had a passion for interior design and we couldn’t wait to see that passion come to life in her very own home. And if the results don’t speak for themselves, let us. Check out some of Melinda’s interior design work on her Instagram, @melindadeationdesign.

Many Utah Valley Parade of Homes goers couldn’t get enough of the white marble flooring in the basement and we can’t blame them. Melinda had dreamt of that flooring for a long time but didn’t know if it was possible. Together with Rad Concrete Coatings, we were able to see that vision through.

Deaton Family Home | Interior

Melinda explained, “There were a few times where I wondered if my expectations were too high, or my ideas were too crazy…and no matter what, every single time, they told me it was my house, and they wanted to make it right.”

Another design element we love is the fabric inlay in the dining nook area. Melinda and our finished carpenter came up with the design and our finished carpenter made it happen. For 10 days, he went up and down, scaffolding 484 pieces into the ceiling for a result that’s like no other.

New Home Builder in Utah Highland Custom Homes

2. Kid-Friendly Elements

New Home in Alpine Utah | Highland Custom HomesWith four boys in the Deaton family, you bet they wanted to include some kid-friendly features. Boy, did the home deliver. From the interior slide and rock climbing wall to the amazing home theater, the Chateau d’Elegance features some of the most creative elements that any kid would go crazy for.

The kids love the yard, and Derrick loves to see it. “I think of the boys running around in the backyard, going down the slide, and watching movies. We have a hot tub in the backyard, and we’re already creating memories in the few days we’ve been here. We’re looking to create a lot more.”

Deaton Family | Kids     Deaton Family | Rock Wall

3. Expansive Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of any home—the Deaton’s is no exception. Their open-concept kitchen features antique mirror accents in the cabinetry, marble countertops, custom island complete with a breakfast nook, subway tiling, and, don’t forget about the amazing, fabric inlay ceiling.

Deaton Family | Kitchen

This traditional French themed kitchen is accented beautifully with gold highlights. Gold subtly adorns the backsplash between the simple white tiles, the handles on the refrigerator, and can also be found on the dials on the stove.

4. Building a Lasting Friendship

Matt Yeates, Home Builder in Utah | Highland Custom HomesWhile all the project offered was great, it would be nothing if we didn’t have a great time doing it. Matt Yeates, Owner/Partner at Highland Custom Homes, said of their relationship the Deatons “They were some of our favorite homeowners to build with. Their creative ideas and custom home needs were everything a builder could want and more. We loved working with them and can’t wait to hear about the memories they make inside their new home.”

In fact, Derrick Deaton agreed with us!

“Going into it, everyone told me what you’re going to hate your builder and it’s going to be a tough situation. It never was the case. In fact, we look at them [Highland Homes] as friends and almost family. We’ve really grown a good relationship throughout the process.”

Kenny Anderson | Utah Cusotm Home builder | Highland Custom HomesKenny Anderson helped the Deatons with the necessary paperwork and first steps of the custom home building process. “It’s not just building a house we feel like it is a partnership with our clients. As we are building with them we know their home is going to be a place where memories are going to be made with their family. We get the chance to be very involved with meeting their kids. We kind of feel like we become family. ”

To walk through their home, watch the video below.

Utah Valley Parade of Homes | Highland Custom Homes from Red Olive on Vimeo.


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