Build Your Custom Dream Home in Midway, UT

Part of the Wasatch County, Midway, Utah is an area of Utah you need to go see. This beautiful area has much to offer and even more to do and experience. If you and your family are looking for a place to call home that has many natural wonders, this is the place to live. It’s no wonder people come from all over to visit.

Speaking of natural wonders, people actually scuba dive in Midway. That’s right, the Homestead Crater is a geothermal spring that stays around 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit. This natural wonder surely will keep you coming back as you and your family enjoy something truly unique.

Hot springs aren’t the only unique thing happening in Midway. When it gets cold outside they have a literal ice castle that people can visit and go through. Not too many places in the world have a building made out of ice. This is an attraction that draws people from all over to come and see the beauty and craftsmanship of a formation made of ice. This is yet another example of the fun things to do in this unique and beautiful area of the country.

With so much to do and see, tourism is part of life in Midway. Events in the 2002 Winter Olympics were hosted here since weather and geography permit fantastic winter sport activities. On top of that, there is golfing, hiking, and not to mention the annual Midway Swiss Days that bring people from all over the globe to participate in the festivities. Many other outdoor activities will also help you and your family create lasting memories for years to come.

If you think Midway is too far from the more populated areas with jobs and other commodities, you should take a closer look. Only 28 miles from Salt Lake City to the north, and close enough to Provo/Orem in the south for the area to be called upper Provo back in the day, you won’t find yourself having to travel too far at all for work. If you want to get to the city, for a night out with friends or family, it’s just a short distance away.

Custom Home Builders in Midway

We at Highland Custom Homes, the premier home builders in Utah, love this beautiful area of Utah and we think you will too. Midway is a terrific place to raise a family. Great culture, community and environment all contribute to this great area and we are sure you and your family will enjoy the memories you make here. Fill out the contact for and get started with the premier home builders in Midway, Utah, Highland Custom Homes!