What Are The Differences Between Home Builders

So, you are ready to build a home. You have considered the different home options, decided against renting and are ready to create your very own home. It is exciting. So, what is next? Although there are several things to consider, perhaps you should decide the type of home builder you want on your project.

Although this decision may seem like a daunting task, narrowing down which home builder is your perfect choice should not be challenging. By understanding the different types of homes available and which builder fits the kind of home you want, you will determine which builder is right for you.

In the home building industry, there are three types of homebuilders:

  • Tract Home Builders
  • Spec Home Builders
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Whether you choose a custom or a tract/spec home, let’s discuss more in-depth the differences between each and, ultimately, determine which builder you should work within building the home of your dreams.

Custom Home Builder

Custom home builders build exactly what the name implies— custom homes. Working with a custom home builder your home is completed to your exact specifications. Everything from the floor plan to the paint colors is determined through a collaboration between you the builder.

As one of the most well-known custom home builders in Utah, Highland Custom Homes, specializes in building homes outfitted with all of the homeowner’s needs, wants, and details. While some custom builds take longer than others, they’re what people think of when they think of their “dream home.”

Also, custom home builders typically only work with a few clients at a time giving them more time and resources to focus on your house. Along with satisfying our homeowners, another critical aspect of the custom home process is the amount of buyer involvement you will have when working with our builders. Since the home design and construction is a collaboration between both of us, it’s important that we discuss every detail of your project, so you get the exact result you want.

While you won’t need to be on-site every day, we will work with you communicating what is going on and when you should expect certain milestones. Working with Highland Custom Homes, you will have the freedom to make the choices you want confidently because we will help you every step of the way. This collaboration will also give each of our contractors and builders the confidence they need to complete your home in a fashion suited to your needs.

One of our homeowners, Justin and Megan, said of this unique part of the custom home build process,

“We feel fortunate to have worked with Highland Custom Homes to build our dream home! The team worked hard to make sure that we were satisfied with the finished product. They listened to us, were available along every step of the process, and held themselves to a high standard for achieving perfection in our home rather than just building another home.”

“Highland Custom Homes is knowledgeable and approachable, focusing on making sure that we are satisfied and that our home was just exactly what we wanted. We love our house and thank the HCH team.”

Benefits of working with a custom home builder in Utah:

  • You will have the ability to choose the location and lot of your custom home.
  • Your custom home is outfitted with your customized details and designs.
  • The look and feel of your home will be completely one-of-a-kind.
  • Your custom home will meet all of your requirements and standards.
  • You can determine the price of your home depending on the amenities you choose.
  • Tract Home Builders

Tract home builders mass build neighborhoods based on a few floorplans. Spec home builders start building homes with no particular client in mind but off of what sells. Custom home builders focus on creating one-of-a-kind homes that include everything from design/build to general contracting services.

Spec Builder

Speculative home builders focus their efforts on building homes that suit a wide variety of homeowners. Spec homes are constructed with no specific buyer in mind for those homeowners looking to buy a home quickly. Spec homes are typically built by a variety of builder that can even include custom home builders.

While most spec homes are outfitted with designs that are most-fitting for buyers in that area, the design elements are completely determined by the builder rather than the buyer. However, depending on how far along the construction process is, it’s possible for you to have some say in the design.

Typically, spec homes are designed with elements that most homeowners are hoping to include in their homes. From basic floor plans and layouts to modern lighting and flooring, most spec homes are built to sell. However, most builders opt for cost-effective amenities rather than those that fit best. This means that your spec home could include the most popular design elements on the market today but only if it meets the budget.

Another reason these homes are so competitively priced is due to the builder’s streamlined construction tactics. These builders use a construction method based on efficiency and quick turnaround. Together, these construction elements offer buyers a quick move-in date and competitive price tag. That is what makes spec homes an excellent option for many first-time home buyers who hope for an up-to-date floorplan that fits most people’s needs.

Benefits of working with a spec builder:

  • Spec homes are an excellent value for buyers, getting you the most bang for your buck.
  • If you choose a spec home, there will be no need to spend time designing your home yourself since it is all done for you by the builder.
  • Spec homes are usually quicker builders than custom homes depending on how far along the construction process is and when you expect to move in.
  • Many popular elements are already featured in a spec home.

Drawbacks of working with a spec builder:

  • Unlike custom homes that are entirely designed for your family, spec homes are already outfitted with design elements based off of what’s trending in the market and fits the construction budget.
  • Spec homes typically offer a great price point but not always the highest quality.

Are you excited to learn more about custom homes? Our custom home builders are excited to work with you creating a home that is 100% you. Learn more about our custom home process by contact the experts today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you are looking to build a home in Highland, Utah, or other areas of this beautiful state, check out where we build our custom homes.