Highland Custom Homes was awarded the Judges’ Choice Award at this year’s Utah Valley Parade of Homes. It is always an honor to have our work showcased at the event and we are grateful to have won this award. As always, our main priority is to make our clients happy, and we believe this award is a reflection of that goal.

The UVHBA has a high professional standard that is tried-and-true. Their home inspections are thorough and complete to the finest of details. Their focus is to ensure that the house is of quality and will be a structure suited to fit the needs of the buyer and their family.

It is at the Parade of Homes that builders can bring forth their best work. Only the highest quality of homes and design are displayed, and we feel it a great pleasure to be the recipients of such a prestigious award. We are confidant you will feel the same way about our work. We care about each and every home, because we believe the home building process should be a good experience for you and your family. We also take very seriously the fact that we are building a home not a house for our clients. We are building something that for years to come will mean so much to the families and friends who are a part of it. We know that it is the people, not the structure that make the home, and we are dedicated to bring you and your family as much joy and lasting memories as we can.

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