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01. Park City Homes for Sale

Park City, Utah, is the perfect location for those who not only love the outdoors but want to live somewhere with beauty and sophistication. The town is home to the Greatest Snow on Earth and some of the greatest amenities in Utah. Outdoor enthusiasts and homebodies alike appreciate the lifestyle of Park City. Discover what it is like to have the best that nature provides right outside your front door with the custom home builders at Highland Custom Homes. 

02. Alpine, Utah

Alpine, Utah, is suburban living at its finest. These areas are secluded enough that you’ll feel like you’re getting away from it all, but still a quick, easy drive to cultural, natural, and commercial attractions. Nestled on the Wasatch Range slopes and a short distance from Salt Lake City, Alpine is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and is a premier destination for buyers looking to build a custom home. Residents enjoy quick access to outdoor activities while still being conveniently located near many growing businesses. No matter what draws you in, Alpine is a wonderful option for every custom home buyer.

03. Custom Homes in Highland

Highland, Utah, was founded in the 1870s by Scottish homesteaders, who named it after the Scottish Highlands. Now it is the picture-perfect area for buyers interested in building their dream custom home. As a robust, tight-knit community, residents enjoy the classic small-town feel with many new big city amenities. Become a Highland local by partnering with our luxury home builders and building one of the most beautiful homes in the neighborhood of your choice.

04. Draper, Utah Home Bulder

Experience the best of Utah’s outdoors in Draper, Utah, a beautiful city with quick, easy access to Salt Lake City and its airport, shopping, and cultural attractions. As one of Utah’s upscale communities, buyers can select from an array of neighborhoods to build their custom homes. With radiant views of Mount Timpanogos, Utah Lake, and the Salt Lake Valley, building a custom Draper home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The surrounding area is amazing as it borders numerous trailheads and majestic mountains. When choosing Draper as your new home, you will also have your choice of several large mountainside lots. Work with our custom home builders to learn more.

05. Heber Custom Homes

Situated close to Park City and near Deer Creek State Park, Heber City is perfect for anyone interested in a home surrounded by breathtaking scenery. If you love small-town charm and outdoor living, Heber, Utah, is the perfect spot for building a custom home. Along with family-friendly amenities like hiking, boating, off-roading, the people of Heber are some of the most welcoming neighbors in Utah. Our luxury Heber homes feature modern design trends that allow your taste to shine.

06. Homes in Herriman

Herriman is a small city of just over 20,000 residents located in southwestern Salt Lake County, Utah, but it won’t be small for long. As one of Utah’s fastest-growing cities, Herriman still has affordable lots for sale that are perfect for custom home buyers. The booming community also boasts many appealing amenities from retail businesses, restaurants, parks, public schools, and more. Highland Custom Home’s experience building luxury homes in Herriman will ensure that your home building project uses only the best materials and techniques from start to finish.

07. New Lehi Homes

Lehi, Utah, is amazing suburban living for the whole family. The area is secluded enough that you’ll feel like you’re getting away from it all. Lehi is also one of the best locations in Utah for raising a family. This Salt Lake City suburb features lots of parks, top-rated public schools, low crime rates, and many young professionals. It is family-friendly, with plenty of room for growth. Homebuyers looking for large lots to build their custom homes can select from a series of options thanks to Lehi’s booming real estate market. It is also home to Utah’s Silicon Slopes, a nationally-recognized location for tech start-ups and conglomerates.

08. Midway Valley Home Builder

The Midway, Utah area was first visited by a fur trapper named Etienne Provost in 1824. The town of Midway was named for a fort that was built in the area. This area is great for homeowners looking for a place that features a small-town feel. The town is mainly pastoral but near larger cities like Provo, Park City, and Salt Lake City. The population is small, unemployment at a mere 1%, and has low crime rates. Education, housing, safety, and amenities in Midway also receive high marks, making it a top choice for many custom home buyers.

09. Salt Lake County Home Builder

Are you looking to move your family to where the action is? Salt Lake County is the most populous county in Utah, and it’s the perfect place for you and your family. Salt Lake County gets top-ratings from buyers throughout Utah, especially custom home builders. Not only is it a premier destination for many businesses, but it is a long-time favorite for out-of-state buyers looking for a new place to call home. Salt Lake County also offers many of the nation’s top-ranked places to live and some of the safest. With lot options throughout Salt Lake County, you can find a city with everything you are looking for to build a new custom home.

010. Homes For Sale in Utah County

It’s no secret that Utah is a great place to raise a family. Even within Utah, Utah County stands out as an ideal place to put down roots. Most homebuyers must agree because Utah County is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Two Utah County cities continually top the list of fastest-growing cities in the United States. The population doubled in the past 30 years, and according to predictions, it will reach 2.5 million people by 2050. It is also a popular destination for many businesses, especially in the technology sector. Silicon Slopes, a region in Lehi, Utah, is now home to many new start-ups and well-known commercial companies. These businesses bring with them new jobs and plenty of employment opportunities for Utah County residents. You can rely on Highland’s custom home building service to help you find a place to build your new Utah County home.

011. We Build Custom Homes All Over Utah

Highland Custom Homes is a luxury home builder in Utah with home building communities throughout the state. Determine which premier destination is right for your new home with Highland on your side. Together, we will create a dream home using our local custom home building experience. Whether you are moving closer to work in Utah’s growing business communities or interested in or a change of scenery, discover what makes Highland one of Utah’s premier custom home builders. Contact us to get started.

We are proud to call beautiful Highland, Utah home. We love Northern Utah and feel blessed for the opportunity to live and work in this beautiful area. We are also extremely proud of the many homes that we’ve built in the Salt Lake, Utah, and Heber Valleys. We know that our clients have choices when it comes to hiring a Utah custom home builder, and we are honored every time a customer chooses Highland Custom Homes.

One of the things that we love about this part of Utah is that every town has its own, unique feel. These areas are special to every client for different reasons, but they are all wonderful in their own way. Whether you choose American Fork, Highland, Lehi, Herriman, Park City, Heber, Midway, or Draper, we know you’ll love your beautiful little corner of Northern Utah.


012. If you don't see your desired town, don't give up

We will build anywhere you would like your dream home, even if it isn’t listed above.

From the heart of the action to off-the-beaten-path, we can build your Utah custom dream home wherever you’d like. We can help you find your little slice of heaven, as well. Just ask one of our knowledgeable sales staff members. We’ll talk with you about Utah’s hidden gems—towns that best fit your family and lifestyle.

Feel free to contact Highland Custom Homes today. We love this area and we’re excited to welcome and familiarize new residents. Most importantly, however, we’re excited to help you build your custom Utah dream home.

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