Tract VS Luxury Homes

Here it is – the moment you’ve been waiting for since you first discovered the amazing custom home images on Pinterest! You’re gearing up for a custom build where YOU call the shots. No longer are you at the mercy of the choices of the homeowner before you. You’re starting from the ground up to build a home all your own. There’s just one question left to answer: “Who are you going to choose to help you build the home of your dreams?”

If your builder of choice isn’t a luxury home builder, we suggest you keep looking. This investment is a big one that will affect how you feel for the rest of your life. You want to continue to enjoy your home and its environment for years to come. That means you need to work with the best to achieve a truly magnificent result. Still not convinced? Check out our definitive list of the 3 HUGE differences you’ll experience when you choose a luxury home builder for your building process:

We Let You Choose…Really
Many home builders offer “options” from a selection of run-of-the-mill swatches they show every client. If you’re going to go custom, you’d like to choose the design elements you love most, right? Luxury home builders offer suggestions for elegant features and high-end materials based on your needs and interests. We offer these suggestions from design expertise, but still don‘t limit you to them! You’ll have your choice of any material, wood, stain, etc. you want.

We’re Crazy Creative
Luxury home builders go for gold in every project. This isn’t just another build out that will end up looking strikingly similar to the last home we built. Your home will be one of a kind with unique design elements that will be the envy and awe of dinner parties for years to come. Your family and guests will know that your home is one of exceptional quality and appeal.

We’re Connected to the Best
If you want it in your home, we can get it! Luxury home builders are connected to the best vendors, designers, and contractors in the business. We know what quality materials look like and better yet, how and where we can get them. We choose from only the finest materials to build a home that matches your tastes to a t.

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