Getting ready to build a home is exciting. Along with the thrill of creating your dream home, you begin to understand how big of an investment it is. Not only is it essential for you to make the right decision when it comes to the building plans, but where you build is also an important part of the decision-making process. In the end, building your dream home isn’t always worth it unless it’s in the right location for you.

When assessing the value of a prospective home, a few things should be considered: How is the school district? Where’s the nearest shopping center? Will I be looking for new employment any time soon? How long is the commute to my office? The list goes on! The location has the ability to answer those questions.

Building a custom home in a new location comes with lots of opportunities. Many homeowners are looking for a place that provides opportunities they may not find anywhere else. For this reason, people consistently choose to build their new home and dream life in Utah, with good schools, low unemployment rates, and short commutes.

If you’re ready to build a home, here are some reasons Utah might be for you:

Top Reasons to Build a Home in Utah

Ask any of the top realtors in the country, and they would explain the criteria for finding the right location for your new home. The top four reasons would most likely include:

  • Centrality
  • Neighborhood
  • Development
  • Lot Location

Along with those reasons, you should also consider schooling opportunities, employment growth, and market value. Luckily, Utah checks all the boxes and more. Homeowners throughout the state understand its importance and appeal when it comes to centrality, neighborhood, development, and lot location.

 Here are a few other reasons why Utah is a great option, specifically for those looking to build.

1. Growth and Opportunity

Utah is growing at a rapid rate. Two cities in northeast Utah continually top the list of fastest-growing cities in the United States. The population doubled in the past 30 years, and according to predictions, it will reach 2.5 million people by 2050. But, Utah’s residential population isn’t the only thing growing. It’s also a popular destination for many businesses, particularly in the technology sector. Silicon Slopes is a region in Lehi, Utah, where many new startups and tech conglomerates are moving their companies. These businesses bring with them new jobs and employment for Utah residents.

2. Family-Friendly

Utah is a state known for being family-centric. Many young families flock Utah neighborhoods in droves. As the number of families grows, the state continues to build schools and implement programs that fit the needs of Utah citizens.

Among the best locations in Utah, the Highland/Alpine region is great for raising a family. Highland is a city in Utah County that features beautiful parks, top-rated public schools, low crime rates, and a growing list of opportunities for young professionals seeking experience.

3. The Great Outdoors

Nature enthusiasts can rejoice! So much of Utah’s appeal is its natural environment. Whether you’re interested in driving to see the red rocks down south or want to enjoy wildlife in your backyard, Utah has it all. For mountain bikers, hikers, runners, and swimmers, Utah’s landscape provides a gorgeous background to flex your hobbies. In many locations, homeowners are within driving distance of mountains, lakes, campgrounds, and the simple beauty of the great outdoors. You can visit ski resorts, hike a local trail, swim in a nearby lake, rock climb, or visit one of Utah’s five national parks, 13 National Park Service units, or three national monuments. If that’s not enough, waking up to a view of the Wasatch Mountains isn’t a bad deal either.

  • Utah’s Reasonable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Utah is relatively reasonable. Most areas come in around the national average, while transportation and grocery costs coming in at the lowest price. While the cost of living depends on the exact location of your home, some options come in on the low end, and some run higher. You can also work with a professional, experienced in Utah real estate, to find options tailored to your unique budget.

Top Cities to Build a New Home in Utah

Building in Utah is a no-brainer, but narrowing down location can be a challenge. Some buyers are interested in larger areas like Highland and Alpine. Other folks are interested in the simplicity and peaceful neighborhoods of Heber and Park City. We asked all our custom Utah home experts and ranked our top choices.

Highland/Alpine gets top marks for buyers throughout Utah, especially when it comes to custom home builders. Not only is Highland a booming location for tech businesses, but it is also quickly becoming a favorite of young families. It is consistently ranked among the best and safest places to live in. You can find many lots for sale in Highland that feature beautiful views, open space, and plenty of room to build your dream home.

Park City comes in at number two and continually hits the top of the charts for buyers. Known around the world for holding the Sundance Film Festival every year, Park City lives up to the hype. Park City is also home to some of the top ski resorts in the country. It also includes state parks and lots of room to play. A mountain enthusiast’s dream location for building a home, Park City is a wonderful option for buyers who love outdoor activities.

Midway is another excellent choice for building a new home. The location is great for homeowners looking for a small-town feel. The town is mainly pastoral, though its easily-accessible highway allows for frequent visits to larger cities like Provo, Park City, and Salt Lake. While the population is small, unemployment is at 1%, and the crime rate is stunningly low. Education, housing, safety, and amenities in Midway also receive high marks, making it a top choice among buyers.

Building Your Dream Home with Highland Custom Homes

If you are ready to make your dreams a reality, look no further than Highland Custom Homes. Our experts have experience building homes in the top locations in the state. Learn more about our custom homes by contacting the Highland Custom Homes team today.