Different Custom Home Building Upgrades that Modernize Your New Space

Building a custom home is a challenging undertaking with a massive pay off in the end. While the road ahead may seem long, there are steps you can take that will ensure your new space becomes your dream home. From environmentally friendly upgrades to stand-out features that incorporate your personality, home building upgrades involve various areas that you can easily navigate with some help.

Spending extra money in some key areas of your home may cost you money upfront but result in a bigger pay off down the road. Making these wise choices while building your custom home can elevate your living situation and increase your investment return when you decide to sell.

The new home builders in Utah at Highland Custom Homes are here to help you understand which upgrades you should make during your home building process, whether you need help with lighting, flooring, hardware, electrical, or any other area of your home. You can use these tips to navigate the upgrade process and make smart choices when designing your home.

Here are the areas our luxury home builders recommend upgrading when building a new custom home.

Three Upgrades You Should Make When Building a Luxury Home

Custom Flooring

Installing high-quality flooring when you first build your new home is one of the best investments you can make at the start of the home building process. Improved flooring will not only hold up better over time but increase your home’s value.

Modern flooring includes a seamless design without mixing too many different flooring types throughout your floorplan. Instead, opt for an all-over flooring that features quality wood floors from your kitchen throughout the rest of your main living areas. You can even decrease the cost of this flooring upgrade by finding a tile that mimics a wood-like appearance and increases its durability.

The look of a wood floor remains the most popular choice among flooring options. Today’s luxury home builders use wider planks with neutral tones that offer a classic aesthetic. While the investment may seem large at first, you will be thankful that you upgraded your flooring when you won’t need to replace or repair it in five years.

If you have pets or expect heavy traffic, upgrade to a wood that you can refinish or touch up easily. There are also coating and sealing options that can increase its efficiency and life expectancy. It would help if you also worked with your luxury home builder to understand how UV rays and traffic flow will impact your flooring. Together, you can discover the solution that fits your needs best.

Tilework and Countertops

Custom Home UpgradesOther areas of your custom home you should consider upgrading is the tilework and countertops. These hard surfaces are more difficult to remove and replace once installed than others, which is why you should get what you want now. Take your time deciding the tile design and materials you want in your bathrooms and other hard surfaces of your home.

If you want a unique tile pattern in your bathroom, then fit it into your budget. Bathroom remodels are a major expense that you don’t want to tackle in 7-10 years. Instead, work with your custom home builder to discover the tiling that will last you for 20-30 years.  

The same thing goes for countertops, especially since these surfaces are a main visual in your home. Countertops are specifically important because they handle a lot, including those in the kitchen and bathroom. Whether you are an avid chef, baker, or want surfaces that can withstand usual wear and tear, these upgrades will ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


As our dependency on technology continues increasing, you must focus on your electrical systems. Installing additional electrical could even transform your dream home into a smart one, too. Upgrading your electrical system when you build your home is also much easier now than later on.

Whether you want to run cables throughout your home for a centralized speaker system, add double ovens, or include towel warmers in your master bathroom, investing now will save you labor costs and, therefore, money.


Deeper basement

Deaton Family Custom Home Alpine UtahBasements are often a forgotten expense that homeowners can leave unfinished for years. While finishing your basement when you build your custom home is the ideal option; sometimes, you may need to cut expenses by leaving it for later. If you plan on the latter option, one upgrade you should invest in is paying for a deeper pour.

An extra foot or two of height in the basement will make it feel like any other house floor. Not only will the extra space make it more comfortable but attract future buyers. While this upgrade isn’t exactly cheap, it can pay off for taller guests and those who want to get a lot of use out of their basement one day.


Custom Home Building at Highland Custom Homes

Custom Home Built on Mountainside UtahNo matter which upgrades you think to offer the most promising benefits, Highland Custom Homes is here to help you through the entire home building process. The sky’s the limit when you choose to build a luxury home with Highland Custom Homes. Your options will truly be endless, which can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve perfected the art of guiding our clients through a unique custom build process.

Let our experienced new home builders put our experience and knowledge to work when creating your dream home. Together, we can make your home an extension of your life’s work or a legacy of who you are. We will also discuss all available custom home building upgrades to provide you with the customized options you deserve.

To learn more about our custom home building process, contact Highland Custom Homes.