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We Build Modern Homes Near You

When it comes to your home, it is the small details that matter. Highland Custom Homes is a top-rated custom home builder with a reputation for getting every detail right. Our modern custom home building process equips you with the services you need to build a one-of-a-kind home designed just for you.

The Highland family has over 40 years of experience designing and constructing award-winning custom homes. We focus on delivering modern custom homes to clients in Park City, Heber, and throughout Utah. With expert craftsmanship and modern mountain house design that people have come to know and love, you can trust Highland to build your forever home.

Whether starting anew or implementing iconic modern architecture, our expert team offers innovative and award-winning luxury home designs. The Highland home building process is simple, focusing on what you and your family need. Our home builders provide exceptional building experiences that make you feel at home every step of the way. 

We specialize in mid to high-end modern homes, using only the best materials and the latest industry technology. Our in-house craftsman and designers pack our modern custom home projects with all the newest features that are important to our 

homeowners, including modern homes with strong horizontal composition, large open floor plans, and cinematic asymmetry.Unlike other home builders with little leeway in design styles, Highland’s custom modern home builders offer total customization. You will handpick every detail of your new home, putting together the pieces of the puzzle to create a space that feels like YOU. While you work with our mordern home building team, we establish project goals to ensure we meet your home requirements.

Our deep understanding of what you envision for your new home will act as the framework for all we do. We will also use clear lines of communication throughout construction by focusing on productive collaboration with you and our team leadership. Then, if challenges arise, we can act proactively as a team to create innovative solutions and build a lasting relationship.

When you choose to work with Highland to build the home of your dreams, you can rest assured that the entire process will run as smoothly as possible. This is because we want you to love your home AND the experience you have with our team. In fact, each home we build must pass our strict Quality Checklist to ensure that you are satisfied with your new home.

A Modern Home Builder in Park City, Alpine, Highland, Draper and Surrounding Areas

With Highland Custom Homes as your custom modern home builder, your imagination is the limit. You are at the forefront of every design decision. Whether in preconstruction, design, or construction, we focus on your input every step of the way. Do you like open spaces and areas to entertain? Or comfortable rooms with expansive views? Your custom modern home with Highland is a blank canvas to build your dream home.

With Highland, you have the team and experience you need to create the future you want in the space you envisioned. From modern mountain house plans to modern architecture, our specialists will do more than create a house—we will build a home filled with choices made by you, for you. Relying on the strength and experience of Highland, you can rest assured knowing that your dream home is only a few steps away.


Modern Home Gallery

Highland Custom Homes approaches custom modern home building by combining your style with the beautiful designs reminiscent of the modern style. We have decades of experience creating sleek exteriors, well-edited interiors, and stylish spaces throughout the state of Utah. Thanks to our simple construction process and long-lasting relationships with vendors and businesses, clients believe in us as much as we believe in them.

Peek into our past projects by checking out our modern home gallery. These photos feature classic Highland Custom Homes designs with sleek architecture and top-of-line finishes. From rich outdoor living experiences with the highest quality in modern kitchens to open layouts with all the function and flow you could ever need, Utah homeowners trust Highland Custom Homes to build the home of their dreams.

Check out a few of our latest builds below or visit our modern home gallery.

Custom Modern Homebuilding Experience You Can Trust

It is a Highland commitment to help our buyers make their dream of building a modern home a reality. Every day, our team rolls up our sleeves to design and construct spaces for you to make into your home. We understand that while our work ends when we hand over the keys, it will leave an impression for the rest of your life. It is your sanctuary, your place to make memories, your HOME. We are honored to help you build it.

Highland Custom Homes was founded on a commitment to deliver our clients exceptional building experiences. With over 40 years of combined experience in Custom Homebuilding throughout Utah, we know exactly how to make that happen.

Our years of hard work and commitment to our clients have helped us establish a reputation for honesty, integrity, and quality work throughout Utah’s local homebuilding market.

These efforts continue to motivate our team to not only create one-of-a-kind homes but lasting relationships with our clients. Our unique home building process also ensures that you make wise financial decisions by providing guidance that keeps the project on-budget and on schedule. With Highland by your side, your investment in a custom home will be money well spent. Check out some of our previous builds to learn more about our custom home building in Utah.  

Our Modern Homebuilding Process Begins and Ends with You

The team at Highland Custom Homes makes every step of the home-buying process simple. Whether you are building a modern home for your first time or a seasoned veteran, our home-buying process is smooth and easy. Each of our team members strives to take the stress out of home-buying from the first time you visit with our team to the minute we hand over the keys. Our modern home building process is so simple that it breaks down into five steps.

  1. 1. Meet the Team

First, you will meet your homebuilding team, including designers, innovators, and solution-minded builders. We will discuss your vision for your new home to ensure that everything you want to be included will make the final cut. This first meeting will also help you fully understand what the construction process entails.

2. Modern Home Architecture and Design

After meeting your team, we will begin working with you to create your custom design. The sky’s the limit for your new home, and we’re here to help you reach it! Your guidance will help us draft blueprints that detail all of the amazing features and architecture included in your new modern home.

3. Project Bidding and Contract

In addition to designing your dream home, Highland Custom Homes will create a fair contract that remains within our initial bid budget. You can also trust us to keep our promise. There will be no surprise costs or shocking invoices at the end of the process—just a beautiful modern home for you and your family.

4. Construction Launch

When all the designing, contracting, and construction documents are approved, construction begins! But, with Highland as your modern home builder, you don’t need to stress. We will be there every step of the way to update you on any important information, such as timeline check-ins, unexpected challenges, and more. 

  1. 5. Move-In

Once the final nail is struck, and the last coat of paint is on, your home is complete. Our team will make every step of the closing and move-in processes as simple and fast as possible so that you can get into your new home ASAP!

Commitment to Quality

Recognized with numerous industry awards, quality isn’t just something Highland Custom Homes strives for, it is something that is integral to the fabric of our business. We source the best materials and systems to create modern homes that stand the test of time. You can depend on our superior products in the short-run and for the long-run. What’s even better? We offer a variety of brands and products that meet a range of price points so you won’t break your budget. All in all, our attention to detail and custom-quality finishes will transform your house into a home.

New Modern Homes in Utah

Relationships with Utah’s Top Vendors

To be the best, you must work with the best. Highland Custom Homes has worked hard to identify and team up with leading professionals in design, décor, and financing throughout Utah. We have lasting relationships with some of the best suppliers and craftsmen in Utah so that we can provide you with a memorable home-building experience.

Our partners do a fantastic job helping our company maintain its reputation for exceptional customer service and quality results. You can rely on our team to set up contacts with the top vendors in the state, whether you need financial guidance or want the help of a seasoned interior designer. Together, we can create a custom home building team you can trust to make your dream home a reality.

Benefits of Building A Modern Home

Partnering with Highland Custom Homes won’t limit you to a cookie-cutter home filled with pre-selected finishes picked by a prefab design team. Instead, your home will be yours. You can express your vision in a million different ways. Whether you want to implement iconic modern architecture into your design or want to create something entirely new, our modern home experts will depend on your input during the design and construction of your new home.

Using the custom home building process, you will get to make every decision as our custom modern home builder provides insight and advice to help guide you towards the right decision. Together, we will choose the layout, exterior features, flooring, window treatments, lighting, and the entire design of your future home with a team tailored to suit your project’s needs.


Top Reasons You Should Build A Modern Home


  • You Choose What You Want in Your New Home
  • You Determine the Cost
  • You Maximize Building Efficiency
  • You Choose Where You Build
  • You Increase ROI
  • You Avoid Costly Repairs or Renovations
  • You Decide the Layout
  • You Are in the Details

Plan Out Each Detail Of Your Modern Home

When you build custom, you can find yourself in every detail of your new home. You choose the bathroom tiles, created the layout, and helped bring your new home to life. There is something intangible about owning your own custom home. It is a work of art, craftsmanship and a testament to you and your family. That is why it is the ultimate choice when building a new home.

The Ultimate Park City Mountainside Escape

This mountain modern home in Park City, Utah, embodies the quality and craftsmanship Highland Custom Homes is known for. This modern homes unique exterior compliment the surrounding homes and mountainous area perfectly. 

View Our Mountain Modern Home

Justin and Megan’s Dream Home

Building someone’s dream home is not an easy feat. Luckily, Justin and Megan made the process easy by working closely with our team. Together, we created innovative solutions that brought their vision to life. All in all, this custom Lehi home is everything we could have hoped it to be and more.

Partner with Highland Custom Homes on Your New Modern Home Build

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. That is why Highland Custom Homes is committed to delivering an investment worth having. Thanks to our uncompromising values, expert team of builders, and decades of experience, Highland can offer you luxury home building services second to none. Whatever you envision, we can bring it to life. 

The Highland Custom Home team specializes in providing exceptional building experiences, complete with a finished product of impeccable quality and appeal. When you choose to work with Highland to build the home of your dreams, you can rest assured that the entire process will run as smoothly as possible. This is because we want you to love your home AND the experience you have with our team.

Let us put our experience and knowledge in architecture and design to the test to create a home that is more than sticks and bricks. Your modern custom home will be an extension of your life’s work and a legacy of who you are. Every client has different needs, and we are equipped and ready to meet yours by creating a home designed just for you.

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