You have a vision and you’ve worked hard to make this dream come true. Now it’s time to execute and finally build your Utah custom home. But where do you start? With the lot? The builder? Or your design?

Custom Built Home With Luxury Kitchen

At Highland Custom Homes, our experienced team of Utah home builders will walk you through the entire ​process of building your dream home​ within your budget. Of course, your home and your situation will be entirely unique and exclusive to you. However, here are a few of the basics of building a custom home and what you can expect when working with us.

​Location! Location! Location!

You may already have a lot or have your eye on a special piece of property where you plan on building your dream home. If not, our team can work with you to find the perfect location—whether your heart is set on living among the ski slopes of Park City or you want to reside in the heart of Salt Lake City.

We build custom homes in Utah and are familiar with working with the various codes and variances. By consulting with us prior to buying your lot, we can do a site analysis and let you know if there would be any problems building your vision on that site. Here are some of the locations around Utah where we build.

Architecture & Design

Now it’s time for you to sit in the driver’s seat. The beauty of building a custom home is that it can be built to your exact specifications to meet your needs. Our team can guide you through the process, making sure your home meets safety and building standards or is energy efficient.

As you design the home and configure the layout and floor plan, we will be upfront with you about the costs of the project as it develops, so you are not surprised by unexpected expenses. We’ll give you estimates on building materials and the time it will take to complete the project.

Once your design is completed and finalized, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Here are a few of our partners that we work with that will help you achieve your dreams.

What Is The Construction Process Like When Building A Custom Home?

Breaking ground on your custom home is a huge milestone. You’ve waited for this moment for years and dreamed of this day. But before we take this momentous step, there are a few red tape items that need to be cleared off the deck.

First, all the local permits need to be acquired. This includes everything from zoning to grading to septic systems and plumbing. Once we have the go-ahead, it’s time to prep the site.

Prepping The Construction Site: Pouring The Foundations

This may be one of the most important stages of building your Utah custom home. Your foundations need to be stable for a safe, long-lasting home.

We will clear the lot of rocks and debris and level and grade the site. Next, concrete forms will be built and the trenches, holes, and basement are dug. We form and pour the footings of the home and pour the concrete. We fit the home with the utility runs (plumbing and electrical).

And then we wait.

The concrete needs to cure and when it has, we apply a waterproofing membrane to the foundation walls and finish installing drains, sewer, water taps, and any plumbing that goes into the basement or first floor.

Dirt is then backfilled around the foundation and we call the city inspector to make sure the foundation is up to code and installed correctly.

Framing Your Custom Utah Home

Here is where the skeleton of your home is built. You’ll begin to see the size and shape of your home as we frame the walls, build the floors, and install the roof. We’ll cover the frame with plywood or OSB on the exterior walls and complete the roof, windows, and exterior doors.

Next, because of Utah’s often inclement weather, we protect your home with a house wrap to prevent water from entering the home causing mold and wood rot.

Plumbing & Wiring

We contract with the best plumbing and electrical technicians to design and install your systems to manage Utah’s hot summers and freezing winters. Your home will be fitted with all of the

pipes, wires, vents, and ductwork along with large fixtures such as bathtubs, indoor whirlpools or hot tubs, or one piece shower/tub units.

The receptacles for outlets, lights and switches, and the breaker panels will be installed. Then the wiring for telephones, cables, and music systems will be run.

Each system—plumbing, electrical, mechanical—will be inspected by city compliance officers to make sure building codes are enforced and up to standards.

Insulation, Drywall, and the Exterior Finish

Your future energy bills are dependent upon your home’s energy efficiency. Along with using energy-efficient appliances, the insulation of your home is key to creating a comfortable indoor environment while reducing your energy costs.

We use insulation materials that are the most effective for Utah’s climate and that are appropriate for the location of your home.

Once we apply the insulation, it’s time to hang the drywall. The drywall is hung and taped and then your wall and ceiling texture is applied. If you have chosen smooth walls, we sand and smooth so the seams between the drywall boards are invisible. Next, we apply the first coat of primer.

While work is being done on the inside of your home, your exterior finishes are being applied, which may include stone, brick, stucco, natural woods, or siding.

Interior Finishing

Your vision is finally taking shape and now it’s time to apply the finishing touches according to your design. We’ll install the interior doors, window sills, decorative trim, and all of the cabinetry in your kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms such as mudrooms. The fireplace mantels and surrounds will be installed and the walls will get their final treatment of either paint or wallpaper.

Then your hard surface flooring, including tile, vinyl, or wood will be installed and the countertops put in. The lighting fixtures you have chosen will be installed and all of the outlets, switches, and panels will be completed. Finally, the sinks, toilets, and faucets will be placed.

The final touches—mirrors, carpets, shower doors are installed and we do a deep clean, removing any debris or construction materials.

Exterior Finishing and Landscaping

Your driveway and exterior walkways will be poured and completed and your yard graded. Then, our landscapers will plant the trees, shrubs, and bushes to finalize the project.

Final Walk-Through & Inspection

A building code official will complete a final inspection and issue a certificate of occupancy which will allow you to move in. We will personally walk through the home with you, giving you all the information you need to know about maintaining and cleaning surfaces, such as marble, or how to take care of your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems as well as any warranties you may have.

You’ll have the opportunity to look for any items or issues that you’d like to have adjusted or fixed.

Finally, once the closing process is completed, you’ll receive the keys to your new custom home.

This process is different than if you were to build a new home with a tract home builder. Learn more about The Differences Between Tract and Custom Home Builders.

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